Algorithmed Public Spheres


Arjen van Dalen

APS Fellow 2018/19

Arjen van Dalen is a Professor with special responsibilities at the Centre for Journalism of the University of Southern Denmark. He obtained his PhD at the University of Southern Denmark in 2010 for his dissertation on Political Journalism in Comparative Perspective. Other research interests include economic news, and the role of automation in journalism. He has published on these topics with publishers like Routledge and Cambridge University Press and in journals such as Political Communication, Public Opinion Quarterly and Digital Journalism.

He currently conducts research on the influence on algorithms on public debate, in a research project funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research. The project studies how the journalistic gatekeeping role is increasingly automated and how this influences the content people are exposed to on platforms like Facebook and Youtube. The project ties in with Arjen’s interest in computational social science methods.

You can find more information about Arjen here.