Algorithmed Public Spheres

Announcing the postdoctoral research network Algorithmed Public Spheres

Algorithms have emerged both as a prominent object of academic study and a fixture in the public imagination in recent years. As the use of digital media permeates all areas of life, at least for those citizens who own a smartphone and have regular access to the internet, the processes by which digital media is filtered, selected, and assembled as a result of algorithmic targeting and personalization come under increased scrutiny.

The postdoctoral research network Algorithmed Public Spheres at the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research at the University of Hamburg sets out to study the relevance of algorithms for the constitution of the public sphere. We emphasize in particular the importance of algorithms for filtering, ranking and selecting media content and for structuring digital communication, in contrast to the use of predictive data analytics in areas such as healthcare, credit scoring and general business analytics, where such tech techniques have a long tradition. How are media and communication in particular impacted by transferring the dominant logics of consumption from other industries to news, information and public discourse?

The issues we cover in our research include:

  • Measurement of algorithmic bias and discrimination
  • Feedback effects in recommender systems
  • Assessment of potential filter bubbles
  • Algorithms in news production, distribution and consumption processes
  • User interaction with and rationalization of algorithms

Interested? See our annual call for fellows and our team for more information.

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simoneschneider • 25. April 2017

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